Skatepark made by skaters in Brussels, Belgium

Upcoming Events

Opening Hours

Maximum skaters 50

No reservations

  • Monday:


  • Tuesday:

    18h - 22h

  • Wednesday:

    13h - 19h

  • Thursday - Friday:

    18h - 23h

  • Week-end:

    13h - 19h

  • Every first Friday of the month is women-only session

  • Annual vacation:

    15/7 - 15/8

  • We requires all riders under

    16 years

    of age to wear a helmet


Selection of cold drinks and snacks are available

  • Day pass:


  • Card of 15 day passes:


  • Entrance fee for people & kids from 1070:


Do you need a curb, a rail, a ramp?

We can build your dream design according to your specifications

Byrrrh and skate is a non-profit organization

All donations goes towards investement and maintenance of the skatepark


Thanks to our sponsors

Levi Strauss & Co., Raion, Thunder Trucks, Transind Skate Distribution, Project Communication Europe, Spitfire Wheels, Ride All Day