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However, for Youssef Abaoud, Bart Rampelberg and friends it`s more like a tale of blood, sweat and Byrrrhs. From the humblest beginnings back in 2014, to a professional-grade facelift in 2017, the BYRRRH has grown and developed, adapting itself to each of the three locations it has occupied. With each new phase, the tight knit team of skateboarders working together to improve their nest has sharpened their skills and gained experience that will serve for the future. The Brussels skateboard community, along with skateboarders from across the country and a few close friends with connections to the industry, worked together to put a roof over their heads and provide a location for fun. The BYRRRH Bang parties, concerts, competitions and sessions brought together artists, musicians, the young and the old to celebrate the culture they cherish. Today the BYRRRH plays a major role in breathing new life into a neighbourhood of Brussels that the city almost forgot. Rather than stand back and let the cracks push through the surroundings, the BYRRRH and other projects stand strong and pave the way to a brighter future for the local community. Building a skatepark is a daunting wave to ride but thankfully there are other people out there willing to share the adventure. Levi`s ®, Transind Distribution and Ride All Day Skateshop all howed full support for the skateboarders to turn their dreams into reality. Many thanks to everyone who has shown the BYRRRH support - Feel free to drop in anytime.

Photographers: Thomas Marchal, Christopher de Bethune, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Marcela Tapia, Stephanie Humez, Pim Notebaert
Translation: Dimitri Lebbe NL, Pierre-Yves Gautrais FR
Website: Victor Nikishin

Byrrrh and skate is a non-profit organization. All donations goes towards investement and maintenance of the skatepark